Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letting it be

Now that I have officially been published for two weeks, I can say that I am finding the experience surprisingly pleasant.

I'm a pretty private person and putting The Complex on KDP was stressful. Like anyone, I don't really want to be criticized or told that I'm bad at doing something that I love. Putting your novel out there is basically asking someone to focus entirely on you and your choice of words for an extended period of time. It's actually pretty intimate, in the least sexual way possible (unless you wrote Fifty Shades of Grey, amirite? Eh? No?...sorry).

I've gotten a couple reviews on Amazon and feedback has been positive. Of course, the book isn't exactly flying off the pixelated  shelves, but that's to be expected. It's been 14 days. Rome wasn't built in a day. Rome also was the product of a wolf-bred hellion and a long string of men in togas...I think I've lost my train of thought.

Now that I've gone through this, I realize that I never need to resent a famous author again. I feel stressed without any attention, and they have to present their work to hordes of cruel, bloodthirsty readers. Even J.K.Rowling has haters. I guess my point is, being a writer is really hard. I'm not indulgent enough to call myself a writer (I've only made enough money to take a one way train from campus to NYC) but the emotions of putting yourself out there are certainly not exclusive.

I've spent two weeks worrying and I'm just going to relax now. And that's just fine.


Check out my novel, The Complex, on Amazon.com

P.S. My offer to read the Amazon sample of anyone indie YA author still stands...just ask. Ideally with the word "please" involved.


  1. Congrats on e-pubbing your book! It's brave of you to put your work out there, like that. I hope it sells like hotcakes. :)


  2. Your book description sounds really interesting. Definitely on my to-read list.