Monday, March 5, 2012

One Week

Tomorrow marks a week since I published my first book and I must say, the whole experience has been extremely interesting.

First thing, is that it's really hard to get someone to buy your book. You blog, you tweet, you forum post, you goodreads, you shelfari...usually to no avail. It's really, really hard.

Secondly, no matter what, everyone who speaks to you is just trying to get you to buy their book. "Cool pic" and a twitter mention usually means that they want you to buy their book. They don't think your pictures are cool. Your picture probably isn't cool. Just accept it, we're all selling all the time.

Third, Kindle royalties are low. 35 percent or 70 percent. We're talking well below minimum wage standards here.

Fourth, getting seen is hard. It's like throwing a dot of red food coloring into the ocean. You're not going to turn it red. You're not even going to turn it purple. Not even lilac. It's really difficult.

Fifth, it's fun. There's nothing wrong with it. Unless you went overboard hiring editors and cover designers and buying ads, you've got nothing to lose (financial, at least).

Just don't quit your day job.


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  1. You are right about the selling - everyone wants you to buy something. But there are a lot of good folks on the social media sites and they are trying to help each other too. The key is to get to know them, establish a relationship with them first. Many writers fail to see how this should work - those are the people who right after you "friend" or "follow" them throw a link to their Amazon site wanting you to buy their book. How wrong. But if we know an author by simply chatting with them, exchanging tweets, Facebook comments, blog comments etc., we, most likely, want to buy that book - and we also spread the word.

    Good luck with your first novel. You did it - you published. Congratulations. Don't give up.