Monday, May 21, 2012


It is with tremendous pride and excitement that I present to you the cover for Severance, the sequel to the Complex. I had a completely different plan in mind for the cover, but yesterday I spent all day photographing and editing and cropping and rescaling and tearing my hair out, and I ended up with something that I like:

© Cathy E. Zaragoza

I  think it matches the cover to the Complex and I wanted to show that this book is a little darker than its predecessor. There are certainly some hints about what's to come in Severance and I also wanted a chance to show off the Medcouncil emblem that I designed:

© Cathy E. Zaragoza

Lastly, if you want a better look at the item on the front, here's the jpeg version:

© Cathy E. Zaragoza

Severance should be available for purchase this June! I just have a lot of writing, editing, and hype-creating to do!

P.S. I know how strange this looks on a black background...sigh.


  1. Nice work. It definitely fits with The Complex thematically, and I love the badge & emblem you designed. Wish the badge was sharper on the cover though, because I really like the ominous fine print.

    1. I actually agree! The cover for the Complex was so gritty though, and I wanted them to match. I actually bolded some of the text to make it more legible but there wasn't much I could do for the small section on the bottom.

  2. Yay! I have a total of 42 hours of flight time in June/July and I will need something to read!