Thursday, June 13, 2013

So that fourth and final book that I said I was going to write?

Totally writing it. Halfway done. No worries.



  1. Last one??? I have to say I've fallen in love with your books! I just stumbled upon them and have read each one in 1-2 days! Do you know the release date for the 4th ( Capital)? You're a fantastic writer and maybe, just maybe you could continue the series....take a bit of a break a come back :-)

    1. I'm aiming for July 29th, but we'll see...

      And thank you so much!! I'll be honest, I haven't totally ruled out writing more of them. I've got a couple other projects that I want to publish, but I've definitely been thinking of some new story lines in the post-Cavall world.

  2. Yay, wonderful news!! I'm a series junkie, once I find a great series, I hate for it to end!! You're an awesome writer, the storyline keeps me captivated and each character always has a new twist, keeping me on my toes! Yes, I'm a book nerd-ha! I'm looking forward to July :-) keep up the fantastic work.