Character guide - Panopticon

Please only use this guide AFTER reading The Complex, Severance, and Panopticon. Its purpose is to serve as memory refresher before Capital in the series. It describes the characters as they are in Panopticon, NOT before.

The Linx House
Helena Linx – The protagonist. Age 16 and 17 throughout the novel.
Harrison Linx – Helena’s older brother. Age 18 and 19 throughout the novel. Works as a lawyer and runs for City Representative.
Lucas Maitag – Helena’s lifelong best friend. Age 17 throughout the novel. Poses as Daner Weiss throughout the novel.
Caroline Lee – Former citizen of Eyam who once disliked Helena. Age 17 throughout the novel. Skilled with computers. Love interest of Lucas Maitag.

Unaccounted for
Delilah “Delly” Glover – Major in the military. Age 19 throughout the novel. Arrested early on.
Isaac Akhos – The nomad who kidnapped Helena. Age 18 throughout the novel. Thought to be dead at the end of Severance. Incarcerated in Lazaretto throughout Panopticon.
Daniel Foster – Former Gruinardian and soldier. Age 27, not present in Panopticon.
Michael “Mika” Cabbot – Eldest of the Cabbot siblings. Age 20, not present in Panopticon.
Porter “Port” Cabbot – The second oldest of the Cabbot siblings. Age 19, not present in Panopticon.
Henry “Hen” Cabbot – The youngest Cabbot brother. Age 18, not present in Panopticon.
Kennedy “Kency” Cabbot – The youngest of the Cabbots and the only girl in the family. Age 15, not present in Panopticon.
Daner Weiss – Adam’s best friend from Derby. Love interest of Mika Cabbot. Not present in Panopticon.

New York
Adam Garnet – Helena’s former love interest and former neighbor during reorientation. Age 18 throughout the novel. Studying to become a doctor. Former resident of Derby. Moves to Arbella.
Cain Lucen – Former resident of Derby. Age 21 throughout the novel. Student at Columbia and son of Representative Caleb Lucen. Holds a long standing grudge against Adam from when they lived in the same complex. Boyfriend of Helena under contract.
Caleb Lucen – New York City Representative and former resident of Derby.
Fara Lucen – Wife of Caleb Lucen and Mother of Cain and Connor Lucen. Former resident of Derby.
Connor Lucen – Younger brother of Cain Lucen. Son of Caleb and Fara Lucen. Born in New York.
Laurence Coulter – Cain’s best friend and stepson of Raymond Coulter—the richest man in New York. Spend his nights drinking at his stepfather’s nightclub, Severance. Former childhood friend of Helena and Harrison.

Don Morden – The American Chancellor.
Cass Donovan – Former love interest of Delly, who she left for dead in The Complex. Returns in Panopticon  to arrest Delly. Tries to assassinate Harrison.
Benedict Earl – Vice Chancellor and Adam Garnet’s grandfather.
Lucia Smith – The Chancellor’s assistant at the Capital House.
Ben Lee – Caroline Lee’s brother and a guard at Lazaretto.