For fifty years, Project Frontier has brought together the best and the brightest to save the future of mankind. That future lies on Pollux: a planet formed in Earth's likeness. Leena Cote was nine when she was recruited, and for a girl who couldn't stay out of trouble, and whose parents struggled to make ends meet, the decision was more than simple. At sixteen, Leena’s time has finally come.

When Leena begins the 180 day intergalactic journey aboard the Pioneer, her dreams of becoming a scientist are crushed before they start. The Project Frontier leaders assign her to be a Ranger: a position that Leena has never even heard of. And her training onboard the ship points to something dangerous, something lethal. But just when Leena’s future on Pollux seems bleak, Win, a fellow Ranger, teaches her that life on the new planet may be the right start she has always wanted.

Yet unbeknownst to Leena, Pollux holds secrets that she could never imagine. For the first time in her life, the dying Earth she left behind seems like a dream compared to the deadly planet that she has no choice but to call home. But then again, there’s one rule in Project Frontier, one cardinal rule that drives every person on Pollux: Don’t look back.

Because no matter what Leena does, there is no going back.

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At seventeen, Mara already knows what her future will hold. She will one day be the Head Caretaker, she will marry the Caller's son, Jonah, and she will never leave the Cade: a small village where everyone has a trade and everything has a purpose, from the petals on a flower to the ashes in the fire pits.

But one day, a small envoy of visitors from the distant Citadel arrives in a flurry of gold and silk. Days later, Mara awakens to a nightmare when Jonah is kidnapped by the visitors from the Citadel.

Time is of the essence, and Mara's only option is to venture across the withered landscape outside of the Cade into a land torn apart by centuries of abuse by its former inhabitants. Because only one thing matters to Mara: getting Jonah back. And she will do whatever it takes to find him, even if that means journeying to the mysterious Citadel with Aiden—the young man who broke her heart.
*     *     *
THE COMPLEX (The Linx Series #1)
Helena Linx is dying. Isolated and quarantined for over a decade, sixteen-year-old Helena lives in a virtual utopia run by a medical council bent on saving the world from a fatal and almost incurable disease. The pandemic has been contained, but she and hundreds of others are still waiting to be cured. Helena dreams of returning to the outside world and leaving behind the heavily regulated world of the Eyam Complex, a place where everything runs according to plan…until one fateful morning.

Things begin to change in the complex. And after everything dear to Helena—her father, her brother, and her boyfriend—is taken away, she finally gets what she wants.

But life on the outside isn't what Helena expected. Never in her wildest dreams did Helena think that she’d leave Eyam only to become so desperate to get back in.
*     *     *
SEVERANCE (The Linx Series #2)
Helena Linx is gone. Quarantined until the age of sixteen, she is now on the run and in pursuit of revenge. Forced to remain hidden in New York—the largest city in the post-pandemic world—Helena has taken on a new name, a new identity, and a new life. However, the life that Helena has chosen is not an easy one. Anonymous assassins, haunting nightmares of a young soldier's death, and the unwanted attention of a powerful politician's son all threaten to derail her plans.

Scarred by the past and facing an uncertain future, Helena will do whatever it takes to expose the chilling truth—even if that means cutting ties with the person she used to be.
*     *     *
PANOPTICON (The Linx Series #3)
Helena Linx is falling apart. Facing the repercussions of her efforts to reveal the truth, Helena is separated from her closest allies by both justice and betrayal.

With their backs against the wall, Helena and her brother, Harrison, become tangled in politics and scandal as Harrison runs for City Representative—a position of tremendous power, and their ticket to Arbella. There they will find the capital of post-Cavall America and the site of the infamous Lazaretto Penitentiary.

But then a brush with death puts Helena over the edge. Suddenly alone and facing death, she has no choice but to seek help in the last place she ever expected to look. And as pressure mounts Helena learns that the only thing worse than being watched, is realizing that all along she should have been watching those whom she thought she could trust.
*     *     *
CAPITAL (The Linx Series #4)
Helena Linx is facing the end. The past year of her life has been marked with lies, danger, and loss. After a chaotic breakout from the Lazaretto Penitentiary, Helena and her friends find themselves with few options and even fewer allies as they continue their quest to reveal the truth about the Cavall virus. Their journey comes to a close in Arbella: the capital of the post-Cavall America and the site of the fifteenth anniversary of the quarantine complexes.

With the annual Candlelight Festival looming, time is running out—and the return to Arbella proves far more tumultuous than ever before. But after living a life characterized by death and ignorance, Helena knows that one path that can undo more than a decade of deception. There is only one thing that can end the lies in the post-Cavall world: revelation.